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Chest tape

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Our tape is a strong and elastic tape,
The tape can be used in a variety of ways, to lift the chest and even flatten it.
The tape is water resistant and stretches in a way that allows for comfortable movement while using it.
Each roll has 5 meters of tape, which is enough on average for three uses (depending on how it is used).
Before removing the tape, soak it in oil, wait 15 minutes, then remove gently.
It is highly recommended to watch the videos of the use of the product, a video of how to remove the product at the end of use and to take care according to the instructions attached to the product. The use of the product is one time.
***Please note - do not use the tape during pregnancy/breastfeeding or at the same time as using hormonal drugs or drugs that dry the skin such as Roaccutane.
*** Be sure to test the skin's sensitivity with the product even if there is no known sensitivity of one type or another.

* Do not use the tape after 6 months from the date of its purchase

Chest tape
Chest tape Sale price₪69.00